About the Ministry

Hello my name is Stuart M. Guthrie and I’m from Bluffton SC I’m 40 years old. My whole life I’ve been involved with the outdoors and Fishing has become a major part of my life. As of March 25, 2001 I gave my life to the Christ, since then I have been trying to find a way that I could do something that I love and also sever the Lord Jesus Christ in the process. We started this non-profit organization called the Christian Fishing Association Inc. The purpose of this organization is to spread the Word of God by allowing others to see the love of Christ through us in doing the very thing that we enjoy, Fishing. Below is a list of Goals that we wish to accomplish in the near future:


Short-term Goals:


  1. CFA would like to see on average this year 50 boats per event put on by the CFA.

  2. CFA desires to meet with churches around the area to introduce the CFA and its many ministries.

  3. CFA would like to see a chapter in the states of GA, FL, LA and SC.

  4. CFA would like to its membership numbers to increase to 100 members

  5. CFA would like to see on average 100 people at each event.

  6. CFA would like to obtain $10,000.00 dollars in Sponsorships for the 2019 CFA tournament trail.


Long-term Goals:


  1. CFA would like to see a fishing expo take place where we would have vendors from fishing product companies come set up booths, Pro’s giving seminars and fishing tips, raffles, concert, and guest speakers.

  2. CFA would one day like to have an office building with a full-time staff.

  3. CFA would one day like to sponsor serval pro level fishing teams and set up a booth and hand out flyers about the CFA at these national tournaments trails.

  4. CFA would like to see people all over have gatherings and tournaments set up by their own Chapter of the CFA. North, South, East and West


After reading these I hope that you understand that you can be part of a team that reaches people through family events and also events that can change the lives of many people. We need your help and the help of others also to make this happen. We want you to be part of an organization that is focused on serving others. These are just a few of the ideas that the CFA has come up with so far and by the grace of our Lord Jesus all these things can be fulfilled if it is His will. The CFA wants, and encourages its members to give new ideas on how we can better reach and serve our community and, most importantly, serve Christ. As you can see there are many events that the CFA wants to see take place in the future. The great thing about this Association is that we are all in this for the same reason: to serve people and to spread the Word of God to all people.